Scapa Systems and Solutions (“SCAPA”) provides an order assurance platform for organisations and merchants to accept payments with multiple choice service options.
SCAPA provides instant on the spot Order Confirmation, robust dashboard with relevant Metrics, multi-platform order channels and daily collection history


A technology company founded by a team of professionals with a penchant for solving problems and delivering value with professionalism, care and integrity.

Our approach to providing and delivering world-class solutions to our valued clients is founded on continuous innovation and comprehension of the customer's vision. We provide business assurance solutions that empower our clients to achieve their business goals efficiently and effectively across various industry verticals.

The Scapa team is made up of highly skilled, young, enterprising, and diverse talents who are inspired by leaders with the necessary experience to drive a coherent vision of engaging our stakeholders in sharing and enabling their corporate visions.

Udukheli Izebuno

Managing Director

Udukheli Izebuno is a multilingual, growth-driven business professional with over 20 years of experience across multiple industries. His professional career has taken him through Globacom (NGR & Rep. Du Benin), Diamond Bank Plc (now Access Bank), LeeZworld Enterprises, CWG Plc, Checkoff Credit (Now Checkoff Finance), Chams Plc among others.

He has led teams to consult, build and deploy indigenous technology platforms for multiple government operations. He is a member of the Federal Government National Software Think-Tank (NSOFT) and the Institute for Software Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON).

He holds a Diploma in Accounting from the University of Jos; He is an alumnus of the Ambrose Ali University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Regional Planning and holds an MBA from the Business School Netherlands.

Seun Onakoya

Executive Director

Seun Onakoya is a strategic thinker, analyst, avid learner and trainer. Seun offers hands-on help, practical solutions, innovative advice and relevant support to businesses; he addresses their needs at different stages of growth and development by providing expert advisory services

He is a Gallup Global Strengths Coach, a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC) Nigeria, Chartered Management Consultant (CMC) and Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (United Kingdom). He is an Alumni of the University of Ibadan, London School of Journalism, University of Central Nicaragua, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue.

Seun manages operations by ensuring optimal utilization of resources. He is proficient in strategy formulation where he makes use of the in-depth study of inputs given by market research to ensure wider market reach and penetration of unexplored markets.

Frequently Asked Question

A Secured Over-The-Counter and Retail Products/Services Order Assurance Platform.

Scapa is a business platform that provides on-the-spot order assurance for organisations and merchants to accept payments with multiple choice service options.
Scapa does not charge the merchant for registration on any of its channels.
Yes, the CashlessScapa App is available on Android and IOS versions.
It's a platform that helps ensure all your business/payment transactions and transfers are real and not fake. It does this by giving the organisation control of the payment process.
It is your organisation’s best transaction channel alternative when you have POS or bank transfer failures.
It provides your business with control over the consumption of transaction charges at the point of registering on the platform.
It gives you insight into your collection and payment trends via your dashboard when you log in. Your organisation can view transactions per branch or location/department and how well each unit performs.
Merchant customers can pay physically in-Location by conveniently scanning the organisation's unique QR code for payments. Alternatively, the organisation may send a direct push link for the members to use for payments via WhatsApp.
The platform allows merchant customers to choose any payment method among the available and growing number of channels (Physical QR code scanning, Card tapping on POS, Scapa Wallet, USSD, Bank transfer, Squad, Flutterwave, paystack) to pay the merchant/institution.
Scapa provides security for the merchant/business organisation.
There is no need for the merchants/organisations to expose account details to patrons/members anymore. Scapa will enable you to track settlements clearly via the platform.
No! Scapa has no control over monies as the platform provides transparency and assurance for your business orders/transaction processes. Scapa simply makes sure that that transaction is visible (real and not fake) thus transferring control of process sight to the merchant/organisation.
Yes! smartphones or any internet enabled device including laptops computers etc.
No. This Scapa version only works with the payment systems that have been integrated currently.
Scapa seeks to deliver assurance first. Scapa is continuously looking into secure interfaces for continuous value addition.
Scapa’s main purpose is assuring the merchant/organisations that their orders/transactions are not hijacked by fraudulent intent or mishaps and errors in transaction processing.
-Scapa gives you a means to get your users/customers to transact safely and conveniently without exposing account details to the customer.
-Scapa gives the merchant/organisation options for the customer to scan unique merchant QR codes for payment or to send a push link to users carrying the transactions request.
-It is also malleable enough for users to create custom transactions.
-Scapa can be used to make collections by organizations seeking to send out demand notices, departmental levies; it may also be used as a queuing system.
-Scapa helps the merchant avoid scammers and fraudsters that make away with fake alerts.
-Scapa helps merchants/organisations to do reconciliation on the platform and match transactions with bank statements from their banks
-Scapa gives the merchants/organisations visibility over the merchant's user payment trends
-Scapa allows the merchant have a free mini dashboard for their transaction tracking
-Merchants/organisations that have multiple branches and inventory can use Scapa to get a look at their branch transactions, volume and values per branches, central pricing in the case of businesses and sales or growth trends.
Anyone can: Individual users, SMEs, faith based organizations, associations, NGOs, Non for Profits, large corporations, retail-wholesale and distribution networks … basically all instances where there is a transaction of any kind in any industry vertical needs Scapa's assurance.
Merchants can register directly from the platform via
Merchants can register through Scapa accredited Agents
Merchants can register through Cashless Scapa Apps for Merchants on Android or IOS
No registration required from customers, though customers can just scan or tap the QR Code/NFC sign to transact or sign up on the Cashless Scapa Customer Apps on Android or IOS